Use Anger Flanker – a semi-personal space to vent your stress.

  • Smash

    Smash as hard as you can! Try to break multiple layers of the wall inside. This physical gesture allows user to interact with the game directly.

  • Scream

    Scream loud enough so your neighbor will yell at you! Let your anger out by screaming. Believe us, you'll feel better afterwards.



The main objective of this project is to make users feel good by releasing their anger. Physical interaction such as smashing and screaming will let users' emotion out all the way. Based on some researches, it's true that people tend to vent their frustration by using physical interaction. People usually break things or yell at something or someone when they are angry. And after that they will feel good.

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We used Arduino UNO as microcontroller, Force Sensitive Resistor Sensors as input, LED RGB Strip, and P5 Serial Communication to connect the microcontroller to computer.


We used P5.js, a JavaScript library that has a full set of drawing functionality, and Node.js to run the program locally in server. Also, a websocket video player to run multiple videos controlled from sensors.


We fabricated the enclosure using plywood, metal reels as the base, and sponges for the users to smash. We were considering every detail to make the best experience for users.

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